Frankfurter Telemann-Studien

The Frankfurter Telemann-Studien are planned as a series of publications that are conceived of either as aids to researach on Telemann's church cantatas — catalogues, collections of archival material, etc. — or as the result of such researach. The first volume, for example, represents an attempt at collecting bibliographic information about these cantatas, hitherto scattered through a number of published and unpublished sources, in one reference work — hence the name "Konkordanz" (concordance). Other volumes will be devoted to historical attempts at cataloging Telemann's impressive cantata output (vols. 2 and 3) and to studies of various aspects of these works.

The series is conceived of as an open forum for research on Telemann's church cantatas. All scholars working in this fascinating but still largely uncharted landscape are encouraged to submit proposals for contributions.

1. Eric F. Fiedler (Hrsg.), Die Kirchenkantaten Georg Philipp Telemanns: eine Konkordanz, Frankfurt 1998, 2. Auflage 2002, 3. Auflage in Vorbereitung.  EURO 70,00
2.  Johann Sebastian Francks Inventar der Frankfurter Kirchenkantaten (1771), hrsg. von Roman Fischer, Frankfurt 2  
3. Texte zur Musik: Frankfurter Textdrucke zu G.P.Telemanns Kantaten nach dem Verzeichnis von Kathi Meyer, hrsg.  von Ann Kersting-Meuleman, Frankfurt 2002  
4 Simon Rettelbach. Die Trompete in den Frankfurter Telemann-Kantaten. Frankfurt 2002  
   (The Series will be continued.)